#17: Hypnotherapy and Dentistry!?!

wantirna south dental Hypnotherapy and Dentistry

#17: Hypnotherapy and Dentistry!?!

We genuinely care about the well being of our clients and wish that everyone would be confident and happy in the dental chair. Realistically this isn’t the case, so…..*****drum roll please*****

We are very excited to announce we now have a Hypnotherapist operating from our offices!

Claire Gallaher of Essential Lifestyles Australia is an amazing hypnotherapist and assists our patients with many differing concerns such as dental phobias and anxiety, quitting smoking, weight loss and much more.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis, also known as hypnotherapy, is a method of inducing a trance or a dream-like state of deep relaxation in order to treat disorders of a mainly psychological or emotional origin. Hypnotherapy enables us to access the subconscious mind which is where 90% of our information and memories are stored. This assists us in addressing the root cause of what’s holding us back. Using a variety of techniques Claire can assist you to achieve your goals.

Please allow me to introduce the amazing Claire Gallaher….


wantirna south dental hypnotherapy


My name is Claire Gallaher and I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuro

Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Timeline Therapy Practitioner and

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Coach.

I like to see people stretch their minds in a way that they can experience new possibilities. I combine my love for subconscious work with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy which is a practical therapy teaching us how to sit with uncomfortable feelings using mindfulness practices.


If you think that hypnotherapy could help you, go to www.EssentialLifestylesAu.com to arrange a time to meet Claire at Diamond Dental.